Lighting – A new lighting fixture will do much more than add a twist to brighten up a room. It sets the tone of the atmosphere you want to achieve. Bold and retro, soft and romantic, uber-unique (a new term), and always a wonderful accent to a great piece of furniture you love. Lighting fixtures and where to put them are so important when testing styles and choosing your favourites.   The ambience of lighting is really what greets you and your guests when entering a room. Whether it’s for convenience and function or beckoning a relaxing and complacent secret spot for you to enjoy some alone time, light your way to something new and fresh this year.


Country Chic Maintains its Cache – Several years ago it was referred to a ‘shabby chic’, a kind of reworked look with linens and overstuffed furniture in muted washed out tones of pastel colours. The typical farmhouse look is still around in 2020 in a new updated way with today’s Country Chic featuring more classic prints, think checks and stripes maybe even houndstooth, and fresh pattern mixes that perhaps highlight a wonderful antique you may have. These new patterns and mixes are trending to pay homage to the earthy botanicals and muted primary tones of home styling this year.

Colour overtakes the new Neutrals – Neutrals finally are replaced with warm colours and saturated hues and jewel tones that are found highlighted in tiling, painted cabinets, and walls. Really, you can take any opportunity to introduce colour into your rooms and the top trends are with peach, terracotta and warm brick tones used along side butter, caramel and leather.  Grounded earth tones, from land to magnificent seas, are fabulous and very new for 2020.

Trim and Moldings – High contrast is back and trims and moldings are just the thing to give an incredible look of distinctive finishing and crispness to an otherwise fairly regular looking room. You can rarely go wrong with trims in bold black or white and choosing a very high gloss paint for moldings really finishes it all off beautifully.

Have you ever…?

Wallpapered a ceiling for an incredibly dynamic feature in any room.

Used Marble finishes with accent bowls and vases, countertops of any size.

Chosen accents depicting nature with bamboo, polished boho linens and raw edged wood furnishings.


Seen the new zippered throw rugs and the innovative new rug designs that debuted in Miami this year.

Incorporated specific sustainable materials when redoing a room(s).

Wow trends for 2020…enjoy staying home.