With the incredible popularity of the Keto Reset Diet the excludes carbs, grains and sugar and advises to bulk up on vegetables, animal fat and meat, weight loss continues to be a focus. This type of diet has come under fire for its lack of respect to the planet and livestock so when it comes to choosing what diet is best for you, to control or lose weight or maintain energy, it’s best to consult the professionals including your medical practitioner, fitness experts and your neighbourhood natural foods and nutrition store.

Working out never loses its importance and it continues for some to be a challenge just to get to the gym. Rowing has regained recognition for its excellent ability to work on several muscle groups at once. In fact, rowing centres have begun to crop up as have cycling centres, spin, barre fitness and other specific workouts with dedicated trainers.

The new (old) spice and active ingredient making its way into just about every dish is turmeric. The root has long been used for its health and medicinal benefits through the centuries particularly in Asia and Africa. It has made its way now to be one of the top trends for wellness and health in 2019. They say the paste is of most benefit because in traditional powder form, it has been boiled first before drying it to get the powder and could be that its benefits may diminish in the process. Either way, turmeric paste or powder can be added to lots of dishes, gravies, sauces and even hot water as a ‘tea’ drink, and you can visit our local nutrition store and purchase capsules which makes it easy to try. There are many ways to incorporate turmeric into your diet and explore the healthful benefits of this ancient root.

Whatever you decide to incorporate into your lifestyle to improve your fitness, health and wellbeing regimen, be sure to get professional and experienced advice and embark on your strategy with guidance and confidence. Don’t obsess. Enjoy life and live your best way for you.