The upcoming warmer weather inspires colour and drama as we all make our way outside to enjoy activities and visit with friends, at a safe distance with matching face masks of course. And, as we welcome WINNERS to The Junction, let’s take a look at what’s trending in fashion, hair and beauty now.  Seasonal colours are softened into sorbet shades like pale mauve, pink and turquoise. That said, ensembles are rewarded with a punch of drama with this year’s hot accessory colour, yellow or amber, particularly in handbags done in leather, with chain handles, small as a clutch or in larger structured styles.

Also in the accessories theme, who’d have thought that 60s white gogo dancers would inspire this year’s must-have boots, White Knee or Thigh-High Boots are on the fashion runways and have made there way to the streets, confidently worn by fashionistas with short dresses or tunics, over-sized boyfriend jackets and mini-skirts. We love this white boot trend. History repeating itself 50 years later.  Seeing even more historical influences, this time from the 1970s and staying with the yellow, amber and now adding camel to the colour palette, it’s all about putting together a monochromatic outfit coordinated within these three yellow hues to really make a striking, multi dimensional ensemble that becomes a very flattering combination and a very hot look for you to try this season.

Fringe is back, and we love it. On shoulder bags primarily but we have seen vests, sweaters and tops, and even layered onto skirts or hemlines and of course the classic buckskin jacket has proudly returned to star in this fringe resurrection.  Trends, including fringe and white boots, will always come around again and it is definitely here for 2021.