After a difficult year with all the hubbub of climate change, a stubborn pandemic, coming to terms that our normal lives may not return to that normal again, and lately closer to home our devastating floods after a summer of fires, it’s no wonder Christmas decorating and preparation is early this year and we couldn’t wait to visit Santa Claus at your local shopping destination, here at The Junction.

Christmas trees are still a powerful symbol and the statement tree continues to be a sturdy Fir dressed to really shine brightly this year in lots of silver and gold. Other trends include specifically decorating the tree in your favourite theme such as music, or the ocean, or special flowers, tartans or local country style. It’s fun for family and friends to head outside to a local trail and collect natural earthy items around Mission itself. These could include local moss, unique twigs, interesting leaves small rocks or other forest finds. Be sure to dry them out first (so they don’t smell up the house) and dress your tree in the local “I Love Mission” them to remind us just how lucky we are to live where we do.

Classic tartans, poinsettias, candy canes, collectable ornaments and even tinsel are hitting home this Christmas (perhaps for the touches of normalcy we are all craving) to make things pretty and bright and very Christmassy, indeed.

Toys and novelties kids are wishing for range from books (you can’t miss the children’s section at Totally BOOK-ish at The Junction) to more from Harry Potter. Pokemon, LEGO, building sets, dolls (Barbie launched in 1959 turned 62 this year) and stuffed plush animals are all top choices with the coveted board games, puzzles and card games still popular for adults and teens.

As always, who doesn’t love receiving a monetary gift of a popular Gift Certificate to a favourite restaurant, local beauty shop, store or service. At The Junction, there are so many businesses that sell their own Gift Certificates for everything from haircuts to hamburgers, digital phones to specialty coffees. Take a look through the Store Directory webpage on this website and scroll through for all sorts of ideas of your favourite people’s favourite things by gifting a Gift Card or Certificate. The Junction has many unique services and shops to fulfill Christmas dreams and complete your gift list.  Happy Holidays!