We know the hottest trends across all shopping categories from food, fashion to DIY and tech, come around each year as the kids get ready to head back to school. This year is no different and here are a few of our favourites:

Fashionable ‘Athleisure’ wear is here to stay and especially ideal for elementary school kids for their comfort and versatility. For teenagers, the look remains a hot trend in music and videos, so the leisure look remains fashion-sporty going into Fall.

Denim. After all, isn’t that the Canadian Tuxedo? Look for great jean jackets, some cropped, for versatility; layering denim on denim worn with T-shirts, hoodies and even dresses; and anything goes for your style so choose a skinny, high-waist or wide-leg jeans to suit your style and body type. No problem, denim lives on.

Boots are not just for combat gear any more. Now with cozy knit toppers, high-up lacing and heavy duty rounded toes, students are walking to school on those cold, drizzly days in comfort and warmth in all-weather boot styles.

Bento-style lunch boxes are taking a global turn as parents and kids great creative for packing their lunches to school. Look for compartmentalized food holders that are mess-free and can pack a bunch of different items to snack on through the day.

Backpack fresheners may be a new idea but it should have been invented years ago! Just stuff a supply pouch or packsack with one of your favourite scents and voila! Freshen up that smelly backpack, quick and easy, by popping in a handy disk air freshener. Who’d of thought?

Check out all the ‘back-to-school’ trends while shopping at The Junction and stay for a special family meal and movie too.