Home Décor trends to Woodsy and Woollen

October 25, 2018

Just like fashion trends, what to watch and consider in Home Décor trends for Winter 2018 include layering up chunky knits, think throws and pillows, lots of woodsy fragrant candles, and combine accessories in this season’s colour ranges for your updates in home décor. Colours include plum, russet (burnt orange), gold, silver and deep blues and purples. Reflecting nature at nighttime is a key trend with warm tones in whispy lilacs and natural greys to create a cozy atmosphere in your special rooms. Navy blue can be a foundation to a palate of nature’s reflections including wooden bowls, printed pillows, and woodland animals etched on china or key motifs on mantles and side tables. Dried flower arrangements are back and play a role in bringing a touch of nature indoors. Another trend are Nordic colours of lavender, sage, blush and canvas white brought to life in leather, earthenware and bleached wood. These ideas develop into a new trend ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. Sitting areas also benefit with Moroccan textiles and Scandinavian home styling. Whatever you choose to influence your home styles begin with key colour ranges in accessories and natural touches to reflect your style, your way.

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